Project Designer

Project Designer

Libby Pelzel

University of Cincinnati | Bachelor of Architecture

Libby is a Project Designer who is easy to get along with and a great team player who is willing to assist with more than just the tasks assigned to her. These are some traits she showed as an MSA intern while working towards her Bachelors of Science in Architecture at the University of Cincinnati. Libby loves the outdoors, letting this love inspire her work and increase her dedication to sustainable design and giving back to her community. While at UC, her final project aimed to be Living Building Challenge Certified, which got her curious about how to treat all of the water onsite with natural processes and thereby achieving a net zero water impact.

Outside the office, Libby thoroughly enjoys exploring the diverse Cincinnati terrain. Whether she is running on the Loveland Bike Trail or trying the different flavors Cincinnati has to offer, she follows a healthy lifestyle and the “an apple a day, keeps the doctor away” proverb (which works out great since apples are her favorite snack). When she is not outdoors, Libby also enjoys whipping up new dishes in her kitchen.