Graphic Designer

Graphic Designer

Meg DiRutigliano

University of Cincinnati | Bachelor of Science in Graphic Design

Full of resilience and positive energy, Meg DiRutigliano has joined the MSA team as a Graphic Designer. New to the corporate world, Meg comes to MSA with an impressive portfolio and a BS in Graphic Design from the University of Cincinnati. A creative by nature, she harbors great interest in art, painting, digital illustration and typography and draws her inspiration from the simple, colorful, and impactful styles of Kate Moross and Jessica Walsh. Meg is passionate about expanding her knowledge base and expertise on color and pattern through her design work.

Meg is a true foodie and enjoys trying cuisines from across the globe. Not the one to stay indoors, you can find her immersed in gardening, conquering new mountain biking trails, checking out craft fairs and street festivals with friends or, when time permits, traveling to new places. Her innate ability to find the bright side to everything and her enthusiasm towards working on a variety of projects make her a great asset to our team.