Project Architect

Project Architect

Adam Fosnaugh, AIA LEED AP

University of Cincinnati | Masters of Architecture
University of Cincinnati | Bachelor of Science in Architecture

As a Project Architect, Adam is deeply involved from conception to completion on all of his projects. Adam received both his Masters and Bachelors of Science in Architecture from the University of Cincinnati before moving to Chicago. With six years of experience behind him, Adam is highly organized and detail oriented. His precision is put to excellent use on a daily basis when, as a master rubber-band shooter, he hits his targets with unprecedented velocity and accuracy.

Outside of work, Adam is a family man. He enjoys cooking elaborate meals with his wife and spending quality time with his baby girl. Adam is also a fitness enthusiast and likes to go running, biking and competing in various athletic events. When he is not working out, Adam likes traveling and exploring new cultures, watching college football, and educating himself about different varieties of wine. Since his recent return to Cincinnati, he has been revisiting his old hangout spots as well as exploring the newer Cincinnati attractions, restaurants and galleries.