Project Designer

Project Designer

Lauren Hargrave

University of North Carolina at Charlotte | Masters of Architecture
The Ohio State University | Bachelor of Science in Architecture

As a Project Designer with a good sense of humor and loads of patience, Lauren is able to assist our design team on all phases of architectural design projects. She also has an innate ability to empathize with her peers and clients, understand their viewpoints, and consequently find the right solution each and every time. A former Buckeye, Lauren received her Bachelor of Architecture from the Ohio State University before she branched out to North Carolina for her Master.

While photography and woodworking used to take up much of her free time, since she’€™s returned to Cincinnati, Lauren is currently staying busy rediscovering the nuances of the Queen City she missed out on when she was younger. The new and improved Over-the-Rhine area has her captivated, but like any native Cincinnatian, she can’€™t resist Skyline Chili after biking through the scenic Loveland Trail. Not one to be trapped indoors, Lauren harbors a strong sense of adventure -€“ from exploring different cultures, to trying complicated yoga poses, to discovering new hiking trails, to playing volleyball or going skiing at any time of the year.