Marketing & Business Development Analyst

Marketing & Business Development Analyst

Paridhi Vaid

Stoney Brook University | Bachelor of Science Business Management
University of Cincinnati | Master of Business Administration

Paridhi is not your average green college graduate. After moving from India to New York for her undergraduate studies and then to the Midwest for grad school, she has more than a bit of cultural experience behind her. A longtime lover of finance and accounting, Paridhi has found an unexpected thrill in conquering and analyzing the marketing and business development strategies of the design world. For her work, she gathers strong inspiration from her parents and colleagues, soaking in their dedication and drive to make her want to be even better at what she does.

Paridhi is one of MSA’s resident daredevils. Attempting everything from skydiving to wilderness hiking, she loves to experience the world as much as possible; so it’s no surprise that trying out foreign cuisines, riding the newest roller coasters and hopping in the car for road trips are on the top of her “to-do” list. When she’s not out seeking adrenaline rushes, Paridhi spends much of her time enjoying the outdoors of the City, reading or swimming. The Serpentine Wall along the Ohio River, Washington Park on movie nights and Fountain Square under the summer sun are just a few of her favorite spots to relax and enjoy the company of her friends.