Visual Media Director

Visual Media Director

Dave Schuster

B.S. Industrial Design | University of Cincinnati

Dave Schuster is the man behind the camera. As our Visual Media Director he paints the picture of what MSA has to offer. His work enables us to tell the story of our projects and speak to what they entailed. It also helps us get across what could be done in new client pitches and community initiatives. With a curious mind and deft hands, Dave has made a lot of movie magic for things like the Five Design Competition and the “Make it Official” Campaign.

Dave’s into home brewing, home cooking and the hometown Reds. Later in the night, you might find him at one of the local establishments on Vine street. And if the song “It’s the End of the World as We Know It” by R.E.M, pops on, you’ll be in for a treat, since he knows every single word. Just don’t be the one to play it on the juke box, ironically enough, Dave doesn’t care much for R.E.M.