Project Designer

Project Designer

Jeremy Barker, Associate AIA

University Of Cincinnati | Bachelor of Architecture

Jeremy is a problem solving junkie with the flair for aesthetics. Channeling Thom Mayne’s keen sense of geometric order combined with intuition, whimsy and mild irreverence, he strives to find ways to consistently make the work at MSA better. He’s able to accomplish this through his unwavering drive toward the higher standard. Or, to put it in his own words, he’s “allergic to half-assing it.”

Outside the office, Jeremy is deep in the throes of a passionate love affair with all things motorcycles – riding, modifying, wrenching. He believes that the world looks like a much better place when seen from two wheels. Which is why you’re likely to pass him taking it all in as he’s rolling down Kentucky Route 22. You may also catch up with him refueling at Terry’s Turf Club – home of Ohio’s best burger.