Dwayne Boso, AIA

University of Cincinnati | Bachelor of Architecture

Dwayne always finds a way to make things happen. He has a gift for managing people and problems – effectively finding positive solutions. And he’s able to do so in a way that includes teaching within the execution. Dwayne believes that there’s no secret to his success. It’s simply a sense of service, work ethic, and desire to be thorough and accurate. All of which were instilled in him by his father, and his grandfather. They were early risers who worked until the job was done. And so is Dwayne.

After office hours Dwayne still has time for the architectural side of things, working on the Clermont County Planning Commission and targeting infrastructure development for the OKI Regional Council of Governments. He is a golfer, camper, and skier of water and snow. But most of the time he’s a dad, supporting his kid’s activities and school functions.