Principal / Owner

Principal / Owner

Bill Baker, AIA

Ball State University | Bachelor of Architecture with Honors
Ball State University | Bachelor of Science, Environmental Design with Honors

Bill leads project teams for MSA with a passion and energy that has helped turn satisfied clients into lifelong friends. Some of this is the result of his uncanny natural intuition. He can walk into a board room or community meeting and quickly ascertain what needs to happen to reach a happy consensus. But many of his clients come to respect and admire his genuine belief that architects should be “builders of the community.”

Bill spends a lot of time outdoors with his wife and three kids – chasing after them, cycling, or just hanging out in Mt. Lookout Square. He’s a passionate follower of his favorite sports teams, including the Cincinnati Bengals, FC Cincinnati, the Everton Toffees, and (most of all) his beloved Ball State Fighting Cardinals!

With a quirky mix of talents that range from drumming (formerly in a Gospel/Jazz band), to a vast knowledge of obscure sports team mascots (Who knew there actually is a team known as the “Dots”?) Bill brings a unique point of view to every project.