Addition, Renovation, Site Wayfinding

Scarlet Oaks Career Campus

Sharonville, OH

The Great Oaks Career Campus System is the largest career and technical education district in the United States. Exterior and Interior renovations of the Scarlet Building, as well as site wayfinding of the Scarlet Oaks Campus are just two parts of a long-term Master Plan developed by MSA. Renovations to portions of the main educational building included re-working classrooms and labs to facilitate all adult education program needs, updating building systems and facilities to meet code requirements, and traffic flow plans.

A large new Entry/Cybrary/Administration addition was incorporated to serve as a central hub of the campus, and to improve circulation between all portions of the building.

Environmental graphics were developed to correct traffic flow issues on the site include building identifiers, directional signage, and informational signage. Modifications were also made to primary entry drives to increase visibility and improve safety.

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