Plain Township Fire Department Master Plan

Plain Township, OH

Located northeast of Columbus, Ohio, Plain Township and the City of New Albany have experienced a great deal of growth over the past decade. Initially, the growth was in upscale residential construction, but in recent years it has shifted to include a large a considerable amount of commercial growth as well. The Plain Township Fire Department provides service to not only the Township, but to New Albany and to a part of neighboring Jersey Township. Until now, they have been providing service out of one central station. MSA conducted a study for the Fire Department to determine how to get better coverage across the township where the high concentration of calls exist now and where new development is expected in coming years. The study also examined peak times for calls in an effort to help with staffing, and looked at funding issues including timelines for property abatements to end. The resulting report can be used as a master plan for the Township to use in expanding fire service as the City and Township expand.