Branding and Graphic Design

TANK Southbank Shuttle Trolley

Fort Wright, Kentucky

The Transit Authority of Northern Kentucky (TANK) hired MSA Architects to rebrand the Southbank Shuttle in 2009. Bridge load limits were recently greatly reduced for transit vehicles. In order for TANK to utilize existing transit routes, they chose to replace the existing buses with lighter-weight, motorized trolleys. TANK interpreted this change as an opportunity to rebrand the Southbank Shuttle bus service. After discussing project goals with TANK, MSA designed a branded look that pulled ties from the regional steamboating influences, the Ohio River and historic trolleys. The new Southbank Shuttle design takes the historic trolley look with a modern twist in color and graphics. The new brand also nods to the original Southbank Shuttle Brand through the serpentine band and detail cut-out, representing the Ohio River and intersecting Licking River. The brightly colored Trolley in white, yellow, blue and red, stands out from existing transit vehicles. The eye-catching vehicle is easy to spot and recognize from several blocks away, making new rider recognition easy. In addition, MSA designed new route maps and implemented the map system on custom die-cut bus stop signs, inspired by the trolley’s trademark windows.