Environmental Graphic Design

TANK Hybrid Electric

Fort Wright, Kentucky

After the Southbank Shuttle rebranded in 2009, utilizing new trolley vehicles, the Transit Authority of Northern Kentucky (TANK) had a need to address their existing hybrid fleet, which had previously been part of the Southbank Shuttle route system. In 2011 TANK hired MSA Architects to create a custom Hybrid Electric logo for their hybrid vehicles, which would integrate into TANK’€™s primary brand and fleet design. The resulting logo makes a dynamic impact when viewed from the street on a passing bus, with bright green leaves circling as an iconic message of recycling and renewable energy. The new value of green fits in with the family of TANK’€™s branded colors, while providing a visual ’€œpop’€. This large-scale logo was designed to solve the unique challenge of application across bus siding, windows and their frames without compromising quality and weather proofing capabilities.