Exterior Wayfinding and Signage

Government Square Transit Center Signage

Cincinnati, OH

The Government Square Transit Center design evolved into a clear and successful solution for the Cincinnati transit system. In addition to the award winning architectural design, MSA Architects also designed the environmental graphics used throughout the center and outlying bus stop shelters. The fully branded package includes wayfinding, informational and identification signage.

Exposure to the elements and heavy pedestrian traffic had to be taken into account for the design and structure of these environmental graphics. The clean design of the informational panels allows for easy updates by the City while limiting the opportunities of potential vandalism. The wayfinding system uses large, simple letters to identify bus stops and routes, giving instant recognition to the daily commuter and the first-time user.

In addition to the informational and identification signage, compass-like pavers are featured in the walkways. These nautical-inspired pavers subtly imply our regional transit both on land and water. The branded environmental graphics package works cohesively with the architectural design and creates a welcoming environment for the community’s daily use.