Metro Bus Shelter Prototype Study

Cincinnati, OH

This study was designed to develop a strategy for analyzing a broad cross section of the bus stops served by Metro, the fixed route bus system of the Southwest Ohio Regional Transit Authority, in terms of the physical characteristics, site considerations, ridership needs and amenities and unique features. The intent is to create a construction system that would be flexible enough to deal with the variety of specific requirements found throughout the system while still taking full advantage of the benefits of a systems-based solution, e.g. reduction of cost through standardization of parts, development of a consistent associational identity (i.e. branding€), long and medium term flexibility to change and develop in response to neighborhood evolution, ease of maintenance and enhancement of the image of the system amongst the general public.

To that end, the project consists of two parts, the site analysis and the structural/systems analysis. The final product is a conceptual model of a ‘kit of parts’€ which can be combined in any number of different ways, from the most simple location identifier all the way up to multiple shelters offering a high degree of protection from the elements, as well as infrastructure for internet connectivity and real-time information systems. While the designs will require further study before they can be fully implemented, they serve as a good starting point for developing initial cost estimates as well as further site analyses.