St. John United Church of Christ

Cincinnati, Ohio

St. John United Church of Christ has been worshiping in their historic early 1900’s church building with very little modification to the sanctuary since it was originally constructed. The existing altar and pulpit, although beautifully crafted of solid hardwood, was very inflexible and imposing. The congregation and pastor therefore sought a solution to provide more openness, flexibility, and accessibility at the altar platform while maintaining the original historic character and detailing of the church – all within a very limited budget.

A concept plan was developed that could be implemented over time to enhance the altar area, create a more welcoming and inviting platform for the congregation, provide dignified accessibility, and incorporate a new audio/visual system into the space. MSA researched the existing construction and arrived at a plan to open and extend the existing platform towards the congregation while salvaging and modifying the existing woodwork for incorporation into the new work. MSA documented the project and acquired building permits while the church worked with these designs and engaged some of their own talent within the congregation to execute the plan.