Interior Renovation

Sisters of Notre Dame Chapel

Reading, Ohio

The Sisters of Notre Dame de Namur are a religious order of women dedicated to providing education and community in the Greater Cincinnati area and throughout the world. The renovation of the campus Chapel was a part of a long-term Master Plan developed by MSA. Situated between the new Health Center and Julie Hall, the Chapel is the physical, as well as spiritual center of the campus. MSA worked with a liturgical consultant and the Sisters to design the space and present it to the Archdiocese for approval. The traditional rows of forward pews were changed to a centrally focused liturgy. This communal and inward focus became a design metaphor for the organization of the space and the custom design of the liturgical furnishings, designed by MSA. The renovation included minor structural modifications for better accessibility; interior modifications of all finishes, flooring and woodwork; acoustic upgrades; and architectural lighting enhancements.

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