Renovation of Existing Space

Yagööt at Kenwood Towne Center

Cincinnati, OH

The adjectives “hip simplicity, healthy, modern and refreshingly clean,” were the parameters presented to the design team as the foundation for the creation of the prototype Yagööt store concept. With 650 square feet of floor space and a 15’ wide storefront, the senses begin to stir as one enters the space. The glass storefront provides the framework for what is awaiting within: sparkling pendant globes dance between lemon embossed swirls on the glass and highlight those savoring the product at a crisp green jeweled counter. Upon entry, the bright citrus flooring subtly moves you through the space with its curve inlay that incorporates the products branded starburst design. The crisp, white patterned wall panels reinforce the swirl of the yogurt product and seemingly cleanse the palette before the order process takes place. The feeling in this space is fresh and is further enhanced through multiple types of lighting- general, decorative and accent. The limited floor space does not limit the experience. A variety of in-store seating venues in clean and vibrant color only equal the taste experience. The store embodies the products’ brand and integrity by infusing the concept of a healthy and simple indulgence.

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