Westwood Town Hall

Cincinnati, OH

Westwood Town Hall, built in 1889, began as a Town Hall, complete with a jail and fire tower. It was then converted to a theater, prior to its purchase by the Cincinnati Recreation Commission. Due to limited maintenance and age, this facility was in need of major renovations. The aesthetic highlight of the renovation was the auditorium/theater that included a completely reconstructed stage, new multimedia technology, and flexible seating options. Egress from the auditorium was improved to today’s standards, with a new exit porch and stairs. The second floor was completely reconfigured, converting seven small rooms and a maze of hallways and steps into three large, fully accessible meeting rooms, two of which are connected to accommodate larger groups. In order to improve life-safety issues, internal environmental quality, and energy efficiency, several other aspects were addressed included ADA accessibility, fire suppression, new windows, and a new HVAC/plumbing system.