City of Westerville

Westerville, Ohio

MSA prepared an overall city facility master plan for the City of Westerville. This extensive facility analysis reviewed four city owned and operated existing buildings, which included city hall, the Division of Police Headquarters, the Post Office, and the 64 Walnut Administration facility. The final analysis assisted Westerville in completing their 2025 long range planning initiative. MSA prepared short-term and long-term planning options based on community growth patterns and future staffing projections.

The final recommendation had two major components. The first involved renovations to the police headquarters and relocation of several functions to the post office. The second involved renovations to city hall, and relocation of the tax and finance departments to the 64 Walnut facility. The resultant upgrades in the city hall building focused on providing a new renovation of the council chambers inclusive of new lighting, sound system, audio-visual control system and information technology upgrades. The remaining administrative areas on both the first and second floors were also replanned and renovated. The 64 Walnut facility, with the addition of the tax and finance departments, received new interior design upgrades as well.

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