Wright State University Nutter Center

Dayton, Ohio

The Nutter Center is a sporting and entertainment venue on the Campus of Wright State University. It is situated on a parcel of land distanced from the main academic campus by a thick reserve of forest, which unfortunately, visually separates the two into separate elements. The existing marquee at the major vehicular entrance to the Nutter Center is a great example of a project that was steered by many Captains during its 20 year lifetime. In addition to it being an entry signifier for the Nutter Center, it became a video board displaying upcoming events, the receiver of sponsorship signage from a variety of sources, was even roofed over to house traffic cones for police to use during high-volume events and was even given an outdoor quilt which is a cultural tradition with Ohio roots.
MSA worked with the WSU Facilities group to help them see the potential of rebranding the Nutter Center site as a district within the WSU Academic Campus. A family of identifiers ranging from a new iconic Marquee at the entrance to the site down to signage pylons that will line the edge of site as experienced at the major traffic artery, on down to the smaller signage elements that will mark each secondary entrance to the site. The new signage will align with the University’s current brand standards, naming the venue, €œWright State University Nutter Center. Lastly, the new, iconic design took cues from the existing building it represents as well as from site elements at the existing campus entry.