Sunglass Hut Storefront Display

New York City and Yorkville, Toronto

MSA Architects designed storefront window displays for two of Sunglass Hut’s retail stores. Due to limited space, the window displays had to draw the customer in purely based on the look and feel of the store’s brand, and not product.

Both the Toronto and NYC locations pose varying limitations and requirements. The NYC space has approximately only one foot of depth available between the glass and a partial wall at each set of windows. Where as the Toronto store has a slightly deeper space and occupies two-stories. Utilizing the strong Sunglass Hut corporate brand and interior finishes, a concept of champagne bubbles came to fruition. Accounting for challenges unique to these two existing spaces, materials and mounting methods were chosen to imply champagne bubbles. Dimensional discs ranging in diameter and depth are suspended by airline cables from the ceiling at various heights and depths from one another. The faces of the discs are finished with materials of varying reflectivity and pattern, from a kaleidoscope-like pattern to a more standard mirror finish. Taking advantage of strategically placed lighting, the discs appear to shine and shimmer in the store fronts catching the attention of pedestrians passing by. In addition, reflective, textured wall material applied to the backwalls allow the discs to pop off of a darker tone color, while still reflecting light.