Interior Renovation

University of Cincinnati Siddall Dining Hall

Cincinnati, OH

The new design of Siddall Dining Hall at the University of Cincinnati transformed an old one-line tray serving cafeteria into MarketPointe at Siddall, a modern, high-tech dining facility using industrial materials, bright colors and natural lighting to enforce the design.

Eight exhibition cooking stations, offering a variety of upscale meal options, are dispersed throughout the space and are integrated within the seating areas. The use of durable and unique architectural elements and materials segregates the new seating areas into spaces with varying levels of intimacy and activity. Seating options include small seating pods, recessed booths, raised counter seating, large open areas, and private dining spaces.

The specific architectural elements include curved partitions, “screen walls,” food pavilion islands, layered ceiling grids, patterned floors, environmental graphics, and varying lighting techniques. Materials such as galvanized steel, exposed structural systems, MDF panels, and angled iron create a contemporary, yet durable environment.