Interior Graphics and Wayfinding

The Commissary at Great Oaks

Cincinnati, OH

Starting with key renovations at the Scarlet Oaks Campus, “The Commissary” project elevated the traditional cafeteria-style space with sophisticated design techniques and provided a clear flow for the high school students and faculty during lunch time. This space also supports adult student and community meetings after hours. As part of a complete branding package, the name “The Commissary” was derived from a historical tie to the Scarlet Oaks property’s original owner, an old Army depot. After Scarlet Oaks was completed, renovations began in phases for the three remaining Great Oaks campuses. Together, MSA and Great Oaks came up with a plan to roll out the interior and branding package in such a way that played to the strengths of each campus’ conditions, while feeling like they were part of a complete system.

The overall graphic design goal is to educate students and the community about Great Oaks’€™ programs in a multi-layer solution. The staggered banner murals, dimensional cafe wall quotes, collage of career clusters, digital portals for student recognition, and multi-lingual vocabulary all promote Great Oaks’€™ brand and vision. The design plan, from flooring to signage and graphics, reinforces strong architectural elements such as the curved wall and linear repetitions. Inside the Servery, stations and self-serves are identified with complimentary-toned signage, menu boards and color-coded rail strips. The use of fresh colors, simple icons and playful patterns offers a contemporary and sophisticated design solution.