Make it Official

Cincinnati, OH

Cincinnati is home to the first professional baseball team and the only city in the nation to officially host baseball’€™s Opening Day ceremonies. To preserve this long-standing tradition, MSA Architects decided to form ‘€œMake It Official’,€ a grassroots campaign effort to make Reds Opening Day a City holiday.

The brand identity and graphics were inspired by presidential campaign literature of the 1800’€™s with kerned words filling the parchment-like posters between the weathered flag buntings, typical of the era. The ‘Make it Official’€ campaign kicked off with MSA’€™s annual mailer, followed by the firm’€™s staff canvasing with stickers, t-shirts and fliers, receiving substantial national press through print, web, TV and radio. Five months of grassroots efforts provided enough proof of public interest and support that Cincinnati City Council passed a resolution making Opening Day an official, ceremonial City holiday. On April 5, 2012, Cincinnati celebrated the inaugural year of the Opening Day Holiday, the first and only of its kind in the nation.

The success of the brand extended beyond the campaigns’€™ achivement and gained national attention with graphic design awards from HOW magazine’€™s In-HOWse Design Awards and GD USA’€™s American Graphic Design Awards; as well as a National Marketing Communication Award from the Society for Marketing Professional Services (SMPS).