Environmental Graphics

Mayerson Jewish Community Center, Interior Wayfinding

Amberly Village, Ohio

The Jewish Community Center (the J) hired MSA to provide a master plan and design for an interior wayfinding system. The new center, designed by MSA, serves a variety of functions and was mainly paid for by the generous donations of families and members of the J. It was extremely important that donors and levels of donations were clearly recognized without actually noting the dollar amount associated with the gift. MSA’s solution incorporates a custom modular sign system, which limits the overall quantity of signs without limiting the amount of required information. The modular signs are dual purpose signs and are typically room signs with the added gift recognition plaque. As donation levels increase, the modular sign is replaced with a gift recognition single usage sign. The substrate material of the sign increases in worth as well as dimension. The sign colors and finishes are inspired both by the interior finishes and the J’s corporate standards.