Environmental Graphics

Mayerson Jewish Community Center, Exterior Wayfinding

Amberly Village, Ohio

The Jewish Community Center (the J) hired MSA to design an exterior wayfinding system for the campus. The new center, designed by MSA, serves as a senior center, an arts and culture facility, a park, a physical fitness center, a day spa, a school, a cafe, a meeting place and a religious institution. With the various services offered it was clear that this campus required an exterior wayfinding system to direct the community to the proper entrances. MSA’s solution incorporates a hierarchy of information through order and color. The signage design pulls color palette inspiration from interior finishes, as well as materials and details utilized on the exterior facade. The entry monument sign, in particular, was limited in size due to zoning, but had to include the three major groups located on the campus in addition to the name of the campus. By strategically designing the smaller sign to incorporate backlit push-through acrylic lettering, visibility and recognition for oncoming traffic was increased. The campus directional signs, placed at major decision-making intersections, allow for clear and concise informational wayfinding. Dimensional lettering, applied to the existing entry canopy, clearly defines the main entrance.