Great Oaks Career Campus Specialty Graphics

Cincinnati, OH

Great Oaks hired MSA to design a variety of interior specialty graphics for several of their campuses. Two of the four campuses incorporate an oversized, dimensional brushed aluminum logo applied to feature wood walls. In addition, the Diamond Oaks’€™ feature bamboo wall also includes glowing light boxes detailed with Great Oaks values. Each campus displays the Great Oaks Code of Conduct, which is a compilation of Great Oaks’€™ rules and regulations designed to draw interest from playful colors without overwhelming the viewer with its serious content. To achieve the sense of belonging from students, a series of oversized, dimensional quote and image panels, featuring Great Oaks’ students, flank long corridors and bays of lockers. In addition, Great Oaks’€™ values subtly appear as vinyl applications on overhead walls in various common areas at the schools. Recognition plaques in the main lobbies incorporate distinguished alumni, as well as education and economic development partners.