The Commissary at Scarlet Oaks Career Campus

Sharonville, OH

A key renovation at the Scarlet Oaks Campus is “The Commissary.” The old multi-purpose cafeteria missed the mark in several ways – the flow was confusing, it offered an elementary level of food service, and it was not conducive for public and community events. A critical goal of the renovation was to enhance the level of sophistication and provide a clear flow to be accomplished through the strategic use of environmental graphics. The brand strategy began with the name “The Commissary”: a historical tie to the property’s original owner, an old army depot.

The overall graphic design goal is to educate students and the community about Great Oaks’ programs in a multi-layer solution. The staggered banner murals, dimensional cafe wall quotes, collage of career clusters, digital portals for student recognition, and multi-lingual vocabulary all promote Great Oaks’ brand and vision. The environmental design plan, from flooring to wayfinding and graphics, reinforces strong architectural elements such as the curved wall and linear repetitions. The curved, red feature wall anchors the entire space, separating the dining area from the servery. Inside, the serving stations and self-serve refrigerators are clearly identified with complimentary-toned signage, menu boards and color-coded rail strips and price tags. The use of fresh colors, simple icons and playful patterns offers a contemporary and sophisticated design solution.

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