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Universal GREEN Design

How thinking GREEN is the key to a successful sustainable project

From Small-scale renovations to large-scale new construction and master planning, owners are embracing sustainable practices in order to lessen their environmental impact and to reduce their operating costs. With each project we strive to balance environmental, social, and financial objectives against program requirements to achieve universal GREEN design solutions that work for our clients for the life of the project.

Our approach to GREEN design integrates diverse solutions from across the design disciplines and is both holistic and pragmatic. While most firms focus primarily on environmental impacts (ie. LEED rating system), our GREEN design solutions respond to various other key impacts as well including accessibility, aesthetics, cost-effectiveness, function and operation, security and safety, durability, health and comfort, and context and connectivity.

We make GREEN choices that are appropriate for each individual project. No two solutions are the same. We will also work with various federal, state, and local agencies to pursue funding opportunities, such as subsidies, grants, and rebate programs that target capital projects, renewable energy, and design fees, wherever possible.

Achieve GREEN
By basing our GREEN design solutions firmly in the human and environmental context of each project and by analyzing and integrating site, program, systems, use patterns, budget, and building design, we achieve truly sustainable solutions that balance environmental responsibility and resource efficiency with performance and occupant comfort and well-being.